Inflatable Boxing Punch Bag


Does this Sound Like You?

  •  “I can’t find workout partners when I want them”

  • ​“I’m scared that I’ll “gas out” during a fight” 

  • ​“There’s not enough time to do punching, kicking AND ground fighting in my workout” 

  • ​“I’m tired of my punching bag routine” 

  • ​“I can’t hang up a punching bag at my house (or where I work)” 

Versatile: This fun inflatable perforated bag is perfect for staying healthy or as a stress breaker. Improve coordination and flexibility, burn calories and discharge pressure while helping to improve agility and hand-eye coordination.

Isn’t just a punching bag. It’s a…

  •  Free standing punching bag / kickboxing bag

  •  MMA grappling dummy / ground and pound bag 

  •  Timing / “counter-fighting” training bag 

  •  Takedowns training bag 

  •  Grappling position & transition training tool 

  •  Knees & Elbows striking bag

Every time the impact sways back and forth, it is perfect for boxing training and can be used by adults and children..

Inflatable punch bag: It has a thick bottom, the bottom is water to increase weight to keep it stable on the ground, and the upper is air to help you train your skills.

The base can be filled with water to maintain stability.

High quality materials: Our punching bags are made of durable multi-layer 25mm PVC Duratec material.

The rugged vinyl structure withstands the impact of kicks and impacts and always bounces back more. It will definitely stick to your strong training standards

Fitness boxing sandbags: bring fun to the whole family.

Easy to inflate and deflate, foldable for small size storage.

This box can train coordination and reaction – lose weight – no more sweat in the gym.

Get rid of stress and frustration.

Practical, safe and ideal for children’s boxing coaches because there is no risk of injury.

Train punching, kicking, knee strikes, take-downs and even grappling using a single bag… all at once!

Seem too awesome to be real? Want some proof?

Recommended Age:>6 Years


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