Kitchen oil splash guard

Say goodbye to all the messy splatters on kitchen walls while cooking or frying!

Tired of cleaning the messy walls full of oil splatters after cooking and frying? No worries, the magical 3-panel oil splash guard protects the cooking area and also efficiently shield much of the stove and countertop. Let's keep the kitchen protected, shielded, and cleaner with a convenient accessory as it saves the cleaning up time.

The splatter shield is designed to make every women's life a little easier as it protects surrounding areas while cooking stovetop. The non-stick feature is for easy cleanup from whatever it collects that is splatter from eggs, cutlets, hamburgers, fish, meats, and stir-fry. The three hinged panels unfold and surround pans and skillets to provide a tall and protective barrier against hot and harmful grease. It is made of aluminum foil so it is heat-resistant and durable for longer time use.

Practical Benefit

  • Easy to store, as when not in use, fold it up, save space, and stored in the cabinet.
  • Easy to use, all it needs is to place around the stove while cooking.
  • Easy to clean, as it is non-stick so, it can be cleaned with clean cloth to wipe the dirt and grease.

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