Anti Fog Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Breathe Naturally Underwater With No Restrictions!  

Our face mask lets you swim and snorkel underwater without any mouthpiece or heavy equipment. Just slip it on, and view your underwater experience like never before. 

With this snorkel face mask: you have a complete 180° view in the anti-fog chamber. Our unique 2-way respiration system lets you breathe naturally as if you were on land.  



  • ONE-WAY VALVE PREVENTS WATER COMING IN: Love snorkeling but hate dealing with a mouthful of salty water every time a wave passes overhead? The one-way drain valve ensures that water only passes out of the latex free mask. No need to clear your mask either. The leak-proof design stops the mask fogging up, leaving you with only a crisp, clear view of the fish and coral.
  • Full 180° View. Don't miss a thing during your aquatic experience with a complete 

  • Anti-Fog Polycarbon Glass. Get a clear perfect view during your swim or snorkel, with our shatterproof plexiglass.


  • One Size Fits All.  Simply adjust the straps to get a perfect, comfortable fit.
  • DESIGNED FOR UNDERWATER COMFORT: The curved design with silicone material and adjustable strap delicately seals around your face and head without being too tight. No need for a separate extra long breathing tube, you can breathe directly into the mask with your mouth or nose. So now you can spend longer underwater without the aching mouth or cheek bones that come with inferior masks and awkward breathing tubes. Enjoy snorkeling.

Please note that the breathing channel is functional when the top is in the air, however you can still swim down after and submerge the entire mask.


UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!

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